We specialize in private foundation and corporate funder research for grant development.

Strategies include:

  • Discuss the goals and activities of your organization, previous grant history if applicable, and your funding needs.

  • Identify potential corporate, private, family, regional and national funders from our own database, subscription services and other sources.

  • Provide a spreadsheet of potential funders, including due date(s), contact information, geography, funder interest, potential program match, average awards plus any additional relevant information.

 grant development retainer

Strategic prospect research

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Grant proposal writing and editing

For nonprofits just getting started with grant writing or those looking to gain tools and knowledge in the grants field, we also offer services that are designed to help your staff or volunteers develop grants in-house.

Strategies include:

  • Train and offer consultation on various aspects of grant development, including program design and writing, prospect research and grants management.​

  • Grant proposal development workshops

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Through experience, tools and storytelling, we help bring your program  to life.

Strategies include:

  • Develop and write grant proposals based on specific identified funder by the organization or through results of prospect research.

  • Collect detailed information about your organization and programs using a variety of tools and resources.

  • Craft grant proposal templates for core programs that can be  adaptable and tailored to individual funders.

  • Strengthen internal grant proposals through critique and editing.

Ongoing support allows us to continually be involved in your planning so each proposal is part of a larger effort and aligned with your long term goals.

Support often includes:

  • Grant Readiness Assessment

  • Prospect Research & Identification

  • Grant Action Plan  (prospect deadlines for the FY and tracking)

  • Grant Proposal Development: Program design, writing, editing 

  • Grant Award Management and reporting to private foundation/corporate funders

  • General guidance on grant development